My Most Recent Accomplishment

As you may have seen on Instagram already, I have had a major milestone happen in my life within the past week.  I graduated from LIM College in NYC with my masters in Fashion Marketing!  I am officially a Masters of Professional Studies in Marketing.


Yes I was proud graduating with an undergrad, but for some reason this feels so much more worth while.  I think it’s because I had absolutely no help from my parents.  Yes I had student loans, but my parents did not assist me on finding a school, going to open house, applying to the school, or taking out parents loans to assist with the debt.  All of that was done by myself!


Such a great feeling knowing that I no longer have any school work to do, but instead can transition that time into promoting my brand, blogging, and designing new collections.  Speaking of collections, the next one will be the LIM College fashion show in March.  Stay Tuned for details!


Peace out Grad School

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