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Fashion Week Fall 2018

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I have worked a few fashion weeks in my day as both an intern and employee, and I have to say that it is my FAVORITE time of year!  Depending on the brand, there are two main shows per year and that means NYC is typically busier then ever (at least in the fashion world).  This seasons shows really surprised me, some were positive while others did not impress.  Check out a list for some of my favorite designers and what I thought of this seasons collections!


Jeremy Scott

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What I love most about Jeremy Scott is that he is not afraid to take risks!  His collections are quirky and fun and based on specific themes.  Although also a part of Moschino, you can tell the separation between Jermey Scott the namesake designer, and Jeremy Scott the creative director.  I loved the collection and cannot wait to see what he has in store for the advertisements!

Tory Burch

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Not sure what it is recently with me, but I have not been liking the past few seasons of Tory Burch.  I loved the runway set up the brand used, but was not at all impressed with the collection.

Kate Spade New York

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Kate Spade is basically my all time favorite designer.  Back in high school I took a fashion class and we had to do a project on a designer.  Since I knew my aunt loved Kate Spade, I chose to follow the brand for the semester and that is when I fell in love.  I have recently been upgrading my accessories (I.E. phone case, wallet, back pack, iPad case, and handbag) from Michael Kors to Kate Spade and will soon have almost everything swapped, with the exception of clothing.

Now with my little back story of loving the brand, you can tell that I’d always have high expectations for their shows.  This season did not meet my expectations.  I do respect that they tried a new direction by playing on masculinity, but with the brand being known for their vibrant colors and playfulness, I feel like this season fell flat.  Is it just me though or did this season resemble that of Coach?  I know that Coach bought out Kate Spade, but it’s important to keep the two brands separate and I feel as though the lines were blurred this season.

Chromat (NEW)

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Why do I have NEW next to Chromat’s name? Well it’s because I am officially obsessed with them after this seasons runway show.  Not having heard to much about them in the past, I decided to look at their runway show not knowing what to expect.  What won me over most was their use of models.  You see every type of model and I was impressed!  Everything about the show was fun and entertaining and I adored their use of pool noodles.  They have won over a new fan for sure!

Christian Siriano

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All I can think after watching the Christian Siriano show is “Hello Selma Blair!”  Best surprise ever and totally made the collection that much better.

Alexander Wang

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Per usual Alexander Wang did not disappoint.  I loved all the sleek leather he used.  It was an edgy yet classy look that I always enjoy, I mean who doesn’t love looking bad ass in a leather jacket!

Diane von Furstenberg

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I was really shocked to find out that DVF passed on a runway show.  You can instantly tell DVF apart from other designers, especially this season, with her use of bold prints and colors.  Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this collection as much as I have others in the past.  Yes I may be a bit biased and loved the season where I assisted on a runway garment, but this season didn’t scream special to me.

Oscar de la Renta

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Having interned with ODLR, the brand has become one of my all time favorites.  While interning (4 years ago at this rate) I came to find out my grandmother was a fan as well and I was given her old perfume from my mother.  They never disappoint in their shows and I am glad that Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim have become the creative directors.  They keep Oscar de la Renta’s style prominent while adding a little flare of their own.  I watched this runway live at work and continue to fall back in love with the brand each time.

Anna Sui

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I can’t think of Anna Sui without Gigi Hadid.  Although I would never wear any of this seasons garments, the show was beautiful as always.  I love how she sticks true to her colors and patterns and doesn’t try to conform to any standards by her own.  I was also super impressed to see Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber in the show.

Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendet

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I always looked at Alice and Olivia as a higher scale Kate Spade.  They have alway proven to be girly and classy, but this seasons collection took an edgy turn and I love it!  I am obsessed with leather jackets and edgier style (I.E. in love with A. Wang collection) and therefore I will love any designer who does this.  The brand was still feminine, but show how rocker chic they can also be.


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I will always be proud of Fernando and Laura for their brand Monse, especially in the past few seasons.  They have taken creative control over Oscar de la Renta (where I met them), while still being true to their own brand.  They make sure to keep Monse different from ODLR and stick to their  style of “repurposing clothing”.  Although there was no runway show this season (seems like it is a trend among some), I still highly enjoyed it.  They never seem to disappoint.

Michael Kors

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Although I was not to big a fan of this seasons collection, it did seem to be truly “ready-to-wear”.  Many of these pieces I would buy and wear right away, although not styled the way some of them are.  On the topic of styling, I don’t think some of the looks were that amazing.  Some actually screamed Betsey Johnson, and in my opinion you do not want to be looked at as another designer.  Overall I actually enjoyed the collection for the fact that it was very wearable, which some designers do not design in that exact way.

Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs is not one of my favorite designers, but having previously worked with the brand has given me a little bit of an inside.  They were hard to work with at times, but previous collections were beautiful.  This years collection was not.  I was super unimpressed and found nothing special about it.  Previous collections have turned out beautiful, while this one felt way too frumpy.



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