GlamGlow DreamDuo

For the past five days I have used THE BEST night cream!!  I went to Sephora (my favorite beauty store) to look for face masks and such.  I was having trouble so the sales associate came over to help me.  I told her I needed something to make me look more awake during the day as opposed to getting rid of blemishes or cleaning my face.  She told me that there was a product I would love and its something that “models” use all the time.  Now I highly doubted this was true, but I said “hey why not just let her talk.”  She informed me that this product was called GlamGlow DreamDuo.  It is basically a two step product to be left on overnight and washed off the next morning.  I decided to buy it and try it out since I have nothing that I religiously use on my face to moisturize it.  I am AMAZED at how great it has been working so far.  It smells great (which I was worried about since I get migraines super easy with things that have scents on my face) and I look super refreshed!   Also it makes my skin feel super soft!  I still doubt that any models use it, but it is now seriously my favorite product ever!

On Sephora, you will see that the majority of the reviews are all super positive.  It has a 4 out of 5 star rating and I agree with it totally!  I think the only downside to the product really is the price.  You may be getting two different creams in one container, but the product to container ratio is heavy on the container and lax on the product.  Granted you don’t use a ton of product, but it is something to keep in consideration since the product cost almost $60.


Want to buy GlamGlow?  Get it here!


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