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Project Runway

I am in love with project runway!!!  I am hoping to be on it one day, but don’t feel I have enough to my portfolio quite yet.  While I watch the show, I love to sketch along with the challenge although when ever there is an unconventional challenge I do not participate.  My reason for not participating with a sketch is due to the fact that it is a challenge that you base your design off of what items you are able to pick up in the time frame allotted.

LBD – NM Original

I always come up with these great Ideas while I’m watching the show, but I have a problem with implementing them.  I’ll create tons of mood board and collections, but when it comes to physically creating the garments I get a tad lazy.  Hopefully with my move back to CT and revamping my life I will be able to get out of my design rut and start the collection I’ve always wanted to.

So far I have a few different collection I want to create to build my portfolio for Project Runway.  Let me know what you think:

  • Rock and Roll (Have a collection already drawn up)
  • Roses
  • Wild and Wonderful (Senior Year Fashion Show Theme)
  • Technology
  • Around the World
  • Nature
  • Unconventional
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Lion King (Fave Movie Ever!)




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