2017: So Far So Good

Been super M.I.A. lately and totally didn’t mean to go so long without posting.  Basically since I’ve moved back to CT in December I’ve been trying to perfect My bedroom.  I also joined a gym (yay summer body!), been looking for jobs, and start my second semester in grad school next week, so I’ve been super busy.  Right now I’m looking for the perfect writing desk to use as a vanaty.  I’ve acquired so much make up (absolutely in love with colourpop cosmetics!) that I need a bigger place to store it.  I also have this cute silver table top easel that I plan to use for a cute mirror but again I need to find the ones that are calling my name.  If I’m going to make big purchases, I need to LOVE it not just like it.

Anyway I’m super excited to have two job interviews next week and they aren’t bar jobs either!  This could potentially be a problem for school, but luckily I have the ability to complete my degree online.  I’m not about to drop out of my masters degree just because of a job.  When I start school I intend to finish! I worked super hard to get in and super hard during the semester to obtain a 3.6 GPA. My goal for next semester is go get a 3.8 because I really want to be in the honors fraternity!

Here’s to hoping that I get everything I want during 2017!!


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