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With the holidays coming up, nows the time to buy!

We are excited to announce that after a long few months the Nichole Marie Designs shop is officially open selling fashion illustrations!  If you have been following NM’s Instagram then you know what to expect.  Each piece of artwork is carefully hand drawn, colored, and then computer edited.  Perfect for the working woman, recent high school graduate, dorm rooms, holiday gifts, or anyone who just loves fashion.  These illustrations currently only come in one size of 5″x7″ on 100LB paper.  Custom orders come on 11″x14″ paper that can be cut down to any size frame.




How to Style:

While fashion prints are great to have, you want to make sure they are properly styled!  You want to enhance the look of your walls or desks without making the area look cluttered.  Most of these prints look best in a modern glass or antique style frame which you can buy from Homegoods, Marshals, TJMaxx, or any craft store.



Remember, Check out the shop here!



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