Graduation Mishap

It is finally time for my graduation from LIM College!  I am super excited to be able to receive my masters degree in Fashion Marketing.  I started off this journey as a face-to-face part time student while working at a bar in Hoboken,Nj and I ended this journey as a full-time online student with a full-time position at a fabric company in New York City.  But I’m actually not here to talk about the journey to getting my masters, and yes it was quite a journey!  I actually want to tell you all a story about my graduation from my undergrad and hope that this “little” mishap doesn’t happen again.

For my undergrad I attended West Virginia University’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program.  It was an amazing 4 years that I would not change for the world.  As graduation was approaching, I went searching for a special dress to wear that would look cute in pictures.  I found a cute white lace strapless dress from Francesca’s boutique.  I was between sizes and opted to go for the smaller size that I knew would stay up without having to adjust it.  I had never bought clothes from there before, but this story did not hinder my return and it has become one of my favorite places to shop.  The morning of graduation day I put the dress on, but needed assistance zipping the rest of it up.  I got to the coliseum to meet my friend and we were hanging out in the parking lot so that she could zip up my dress while we waiting for our parents to arrive.  She got the zipper closed for me, but I really wish I left it a tad open because next thing I knew the sipper popped and I was stuck in the dress.

We frantically ran to the bathroom as my friend tried to get the zipper back down.  I was on the verge of tears by this rate and it was way too late to go home and change.  Thankfully her mom and some other ladies were carrying safety pins or I would have had to go basically nude under my gown.  I went through the entire ceremony with my dress safety pinned up the back and I couldn’t take off my gown in fear of embarrassment so I left it unzipped for pictures.

After the entire event, you would never tell that I had a problem with my dress.  My pictures came out great and I think they were the best pictures I have ever taken in my life.  You’re probably wondering where my parents were during this entire ordeal.  Well they were still on the road to the school since my sisters high school senior prom was the night before and WVU is 8 hours away from Connecticut.  They made it to the ceremony but didn’t have any time to spare.  I am grateful my friend and her mom were there to help me through and we are still just as good of friends 5 years later.

Just another story to add to the book I call life.

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