Just My Luck: An Unlucky Series

Since I have a lot of unlucky moments in my life I have decided to put together a blog series about them.  I have always told myself that I could write a book with all the shit that happens to me in my life, and blogging about it is technically the next best thing.  Who knows, maybe one day I will put all my stories together and make a book out of them.


The Robin

What a great title… The Robin… It doesn’t explain much about what this story is talking about.  Honestly, this story is so crazy that there is no perfect title to describe it without using an entire sentence.  Yes I can summarize this entire scenario into a few sentences to get my point across, but that takes away from the craziness of the situation.

I cannot remember the exact year of this story, but I do remember it was a weekday and I was at my parents house with my dogs watching TV in our family room.  I am relaying on the couch when I hear a knock on the front window of my house.  Our porch goes the length of the front of my house so people can walk on it and look in the bay window if they really wanted to be creepy.  Now, typically people knock on the front door, ring the doorbell, or do not come to the house during the day on a weekday unless they are the mailman, solicitors, or jehovah’s witnesses.  Since we have a big window on our front door (one that blurs the inside of the house), and I did not know who it was, I decided to army crawl around the corner to look out the window a bit.  If I saw a figure my plan was to just stay in the family room until they went away, but I saw nothing so I stood up and moved around the house and repeated the process for the front window.  I have seen Jehovah’s witnesses looking in peoples front windows before so I didn’t want to call attention to myself and let then know I was home, therefore the army crawl worked well.  Again there was nothing there.  I ended up going back to the couch to watch TV with my dogs.  Right when I sat down I heard the knock again.  This time I ran to the front room and lone be hold it was a robin making the noise. I shooed him off and went back to watch TV.  Not even 5 minutes later the damn bird was back pecking at the window.  This time I shut the curtains to see if that would help. NOPE!  Stupid bird went to the side of the house this time and started pecking at a new window.  I shut that curtain also and proceeded to shut all the curtains in the entire house except the room I was sitting in.

Thinking I had finally gotten ride of the bird, I sat back down and started watching my show again.  At this point I had to start the episode over because I had missed so much and wasn’t able to pay attention.  Just as I finished rewinding the episode, I notice the bird sitting on the ledge of our deck.  Since we have a bird feeder there I didn’t think anything of it and assumed it was a different robin.  I was wrong.  The bird jumped across the deck floor to our sliding glass door and started pecking away.  My dogs and I looked at each other and looked at the bird as if to say WTF.  I got up to walk over to the door and the bird flew away.  At this point I was super frustrated and didn’t know what to do, so I called my dad at work.  The first words out of my mouth were “A damn robin is trying to attack me from inside the house!”  He could not stop laughing and continued to laugh at me as I proceeded to tell him the story to my morning.  He ended up telling me to call animal control and see what they say.

Calling animal control was a total waste of time.  I proceeded to tell him the story and the guys answer was “It’s mating season and the bird is probably trying to mate with his reflection.”  Now I would have accepted this answer if the bird had kept going around the house to any of the windows and not just the ones not covered by curtains.  At the same time though, you could tell this guy was trying to give me his best answer while trying not to laugh at the ridiculous story I had just told him.  I told him it was ok to laugh at me since it’s something that would only happen to me of all people.  I called my dad back and proceeded to tell him what the animal control guy told me and that you could tell he wanted to laugh at me.  At this point my dad had told his entire office and told me I had them all cracking up to which I replied “I am glad I can provide your entertainment”.

During my phone conversations, your probably wondering if the bird was still pecking at the window.  I had shut the back curtain, got one last peck out of the bird, and he finally took off an hour after this whole ordeal has started.  The thing I was most annoyed about in this entire situation was not the bird giving me a run for my money, but the fact my dogs just sat on the couch the entire time watching and doing absolutely nothing.  What great guard dogs!


Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.54.36 AM.png
Ziggy and Rosie (AKA Best Guard Dogs Ever)

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