Esty Shop Launch!

The moment you all have been waiting for has finally come!  Nichole Marie Designs is excited to announce the launch of their Etsy Shop selling Fashion Illustration prints.  Here are a few questions we have been asked along with our answers.

Make sure to check out the shop here.

Why Launch Wednesday July 25th?

July 25th marks the 3 year anniversary of Nichole’s grandfather’s passing.  Her grandfather was a huge influencer and supporter in her life among other family members.  He loved to draw and tell stories and the launch of the Etsy Shop is to honor his memory.

What can we expect from the shop?

Every week or so (depending on time of year and my schedule), there will be a new illustration print uploaded to the shop.  More products will be coming as well based off of popular prints.

Where do you get your drawing inspiration from?

A ton of places actually.  They can come from photography that I see on Pinterest and love, or they can come from events and holidays coming up.

How will we know when new prints are in the shop?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @NicholeMarieDesigns.  This is where we will be posting when and what is added to the shop.


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